The Virtual Fall Ex

a virtual adaptation of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida by Catherine Alam-Nist

Dominion is set in a close near-future, in which the ever-expanding Greek empire is besieging the city-state of Troy. The script follows several women in Troy as they experience what its downfall means for them and those that they love. The play also directly confronts and responds to the traditional ‘hero’ narrative that pervades much of the commonly-taught Western canon through reinterpreting the relationships and personas of famed Greek soldiers.
Through our re-imagination of these stories and characters, Dominion aims to tell a story for our times which asks: what happens to the love shared between people in an isolating time? What can ‘love’ mean when different people invoke its name, in ever-shifting contexts? And in a world where power is not equally distributed, who gets to say what counts as love, and what doesn’t?


Dominion: Acting in Action

November 18, 5  – 6 PM EST

Open to anyone!
Looking to hone your acting skills while working alongside Yale performers? Are you up for a challenge? In this workshop, youll watch select scenes from dominion and then practice with the guidance of the play’s writer and director Catherine Alam-Nist along with the actors and production team. Learn how to work with a team to bring a script to life!

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Dominion: Meet the Playwright

November 19, 6 – 7 PM EST

Open to New Haven high schoolers!
Writing a full-length play can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Join the Dramat as we demystify the process with the writer and director of Dominion, Catherine Alam-Nist. We’ll take you through each stage of playwriting, from research, to adaptation, workshopping, and finally, performance! No prior writing or theater experience required.

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