Friends of the Dramat

Without the help of our supporters, the Dramat would not be able to continue its tradition of presenting fine theater. Dramat alumni, parents of members, and New Haven residents have all become supporters. If you would like to help the Dramat fulfill its artistic and educational mission, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Yale’s largest and oldest undergraduate theater organization. All Friends of the Dramat will be listed in a special section of the program for each Dramat event during that year.

Benet’s Supporters [up to $99]

Wilder’s Circle [$100-$499]

Porter’s Guild [$500-$999]

Wescott’s Founders [$1000 & More]

Centennial Circle [$5000 & More]

Current Friends of the Dramat

Westcott's Founders

Carson Gleberman
Dana Kirchman
Henry K. Tisch
Samuel Waterston
The Estate of Joseph Stuart
The Schleyer Foundation

Porter's Guild

Alan Crockett
Barnaby Merrick Harford and Beth Alexandra Birnbaum
David E. Koskoff
John Allen Jones
John Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Barnard
Shapiro-Levin Family

Wilder's Circle

Adam Rubin
Alicia Senior Saywell
Andrew Davis
Anita Fusco
Blake Lindsley
Bonnie Gossels
Camille Calman
Carolee Gravina
Clever Devices LTD
Daniel Kammen
Daphne R. Uviller
David H. Johnson
David Herskovits
Edwin Martin
F. Richard Pappas
Hillary Gittelman
Joey Parnes
John W Jacobsen
Jonathan Busky
Joshua Calhoun
Judith E. Bauer
Laura Heymann
Lessing Family
Lisa Holme
Margery Kimbrough
Melina Wales Root
Melissa Errico
Michael Baugh
Michael Salzhauer
Phil Proctor
Richard L Cantor
Richard Mironov
Stefan W Goff
Stephen Campbell
Susan D Clines and Charles Dilllingham
Timothy Robbins
Tony Converse

Benet's Supporters

Amanda Salzhauer
Andrew and Debra Weiner
Benevity Fund
Brennan Columbia-Walsh
Carl Zimmer
Chae Young Lee
Chris Homburger
Christian Corona
Christina G Lenihan
Christine Hayes
Claire Criscuolo
Claire’s Corner Copia
Cleo O’Brien-Udry
Cormac Slade Byrd
Cornelia Evans
David Gold
Edward M Kimball
Eliza Lord
Grace Burton
Hamilton & Kiki Davis
Hedda Kopf
J P Chadwick Floyd and Brenda Huffman Floyd
Jenny Kuo
John Lam
Jonathan Glickman
Joseph Gleberman
Joshua Rabinowitz
Julie Langenberg
Loïc Labache
Maria Torres
Mariana Suarez
Martha Burson
Matthew Barton
Michael Feinberg
Miguel von Fedak
Noam Shapiro
Peter S Young
Raymond Sipherd
Rene Reixach
Richard Feldman
Richard Miranov/Marcia Kadanoff
Robert Bulkeley
Robert Messore
Robin Schachter
Sam Lopez
Simone Williams
Steve Benedetti
Thomas Buccello
William Clay Howe and Simone G. Howe
William Miecuna


Sponsor a Show!

Show sponsorship is a way to connect more deeply with the work of a specific Dramat production. Donors sponsor a mutually agreed upon specific production of our current or upcoming season and receive personalized updates and pre-production photos of their show, messages from our casts and crews, reserved seating, and prominent crediting on the title page of the Programs. Questions about sponsorship can be directed to


Ex or First-year Show ($2,000)

These productions, which take place in either the Yale Repertory Theatre or Iseman Theater, are completely student run. This is a tremendous opportunity to support student directors and designers in creating fine theater with the best resources Yale has to offer. The Exes give Yalies the chance to try out bold artistic ideas, take on new roles, and make lifelong friends. There’s also the special opportunity to sponsor the FroShow, which is created entirely by the first year class. This sponsorship covers the entire technical budget for the show. 


Mainstage or Commencement ($4,000)

Our productions in the University Theater, the Dramat’s home since 1931, are at the heart of our mission. The Mainstages are the only opportunity Yale undergraduates have to work or act in a professionally designed & directed show. The cherished tradition of the commencement musical provides the thrill of creating a full musical in only 10 days. These shows are where Dramat students cut their teeth working on big shows in a broadway-style house. 


Planned Giving

Every year, generous alumni and friends include the Dramat in their estate plans. These gifts have gone to support student stipend programs, our Ex technical budgets, and our education programming for New Haven high schoolers. For more information about how to include the Dramat as part of your estate, contact the Vice President at

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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