Dramat Blue Card

The first step in becoming involved in theatre with us is to let us know about your interests and skills. The Dramat Blue Card lets you do just that, by placing your information on file and letting us contact you when opportunities to work on various Dramat projects arise throughout the year.

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Contact a Producer

Other than the Blue Cards, which will show us that you are generally interested and available to work on shows, the best way to get involved is to contact the producer(s) of the particular show(s) on which you want to work directly. Producers can answer any questions you have about auditions, how to get involved with technical aspects of their shows, and any other opportunities. To that end, the producers for our 2019-2020 season have been listed here.

Sweat, the first 2019 Fall Ex | Produced by Simon Rabinowitz ’22 | ex1@yaledramat.org.

Agnes of God, the second 2019 Fall Ex | Produced by Jordan Pilant ’21 | ex2@yaledramat.org.

Sweeney Todd, the 2019 Fall Mainstage | Produced by Mikaela Boone ’21 | ms1@yaledramat.org.

2020 Spring Mainstage | Produced by Bibiana Torres ’22 | ms2@yaledramat.org.


General Dramat Show Proposal Information 

General guidelines and suggestions for proposing any Dramat show are available here; without exception, you must be familiar with these guidelines prior to making any proposal whatsoever! A disclaimer about the guidelines above: these guidelines are general, and are subject to change. More specific guidelines are sent out via our newsletter. If you do not receive the newsletter and would like to, contact Secretary Jose Davila IV at secretary@yaledramat.org.

The application process for a Dramat show is largely similar for each of our student directed shows. The steps are to: 1) be aware of the general guidelines (above), and prepare the proposal; 2) write the proposal; 3) have an interview with the Dramat Board; and 4) if your show is selected, enter the production phase! Any Yale undergraduate is eligible to propose a Dramat show; application is not limited to Dramat members.

The benefits of Dramat shows include access to better performance spaces, the Dramat rehearsal space, the Drama School’s Props and Costume Warehouses, the Drama School’s lighting and soft good inventories, the Dramat scenic and costume shops, a dedicated marketing director, and the full support of the seventeen-person Dramat Board. Another major advantage of working with the Dramat is that our shows draw larger audiences than non-Dramat shows. With a bigger budget, more people involved, and additional resources, the Dramat makes it possible to do bigger shows that cannot otherwise be done, or to make small shows better.