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Associate Board Application (Closed)

Being on the Dramat’s Associate Board is a great way to get involved with the Dramat through an experience unlike working on any single show. Associate Board members learn the ins and outs of the daily operations of a nonprofit theater organization, gaining valuable administrative skills and meeting Yale theater-makers of all years along the way.

In addition to full Dramat membership, Associate Board members also receive unique opportunities to provide feedback on show proposals, as well as the professional directors and designers the Dramat hires for Mainstages. Associate Board members are invited to great events such as board parties, the Senior Dinner, the semesterly Full Board Retreat, the Holiday Party, and the Dramat Birthday party!

Each individual position also has its own specific responsibilities, which are outlined below. Anyone can apply, regardless of your membership status or class year.


The Archivist works with the Secretary on organizing, maintaining, and updating the existing Dramat archives, which extend to the late 1800s. This is a great opportunity to explore the Yale Manuscripts and Archives (MSSA) currently maintained at the Beinecke and Sterling Memorial Libraries.

Assistant Growth & Development Officer

The Assistant Growth and Development Officer (AGDO) will assist in any and all matters pertaining to the social and financial welfare and longevity of the Yale Dramatic Association.  Working closely with the Vice President, the AGDO will gain valuable skills in project management and coordination as well as an opportunity to have an active role in shaping the future and well-being of the organization.  The AGDO will be relied upon to be a team player and provide ideas and insights for how the Dramat can best serve its community and its members.  The qualified applicant is incensed about theater both in general and at Yale and has a head for logistics and strategic planning as well as superior written and oral communication.

Assistant Spring Mainstage Producer

The Assistant Spring Mainstage Producer will have the opportunity of getting to work with the Spring Mainstage producer one-on-one! They will learn valuable skills in production management, assisting the producer in setting deadlines, facilitating conversations between departments, managing the budget, and taking diligent notes at all production meetings. The Assistant Spring Mainstage Producer should be prepared to make themselves available during all weekly production meetings for the Mainstage, as well as freeing the majority of their time during tech weeks for the Mainstage, in order to see how an actual tech process works from the perspective of the producer. By the end of the semester, the Assistant Mainstage Producer will have a working knowledge of producing, especially as it pertains to the Dramat.

Assistant Marketing Director

The Assistant Marketing Director works with the Marketing Director to create and enact a cohesive marketing campaign for each of the Dramat’s shows and special events. This includes leading marketing projects, working with graphic designers to produce and distribute various promotional materials, acting as an administrator of social media, and aiding in the compilation of the programs for each show. Finally, they assist the Marketing Director in coordinating cross-promotions with other organizations and securing advertisements with local businesses.

Assistant Production Officer

The Assistant Production Officer works with the Production Officer to schedule training workshops, schedule load in and strike, set up fire drills, and coordinate Dramat Board key distribution. They coordinate student rental requests with the various shop managers and maintains the supplies and materials in each Dramat space. The Assistant Production Officer also oversees the upkeep of our newly acquired storage unit. Specifically for storage, They will keep an inventory of the items in storage and will help to transport some of our stock items into storage when they are not in use.

Assistant Special Events Coordinator

The Assistant Special Events Coordinator assists in the planning and execution of parties such as the Membership Dinner, the Senior Dinner, the Dramat Birthday Party, and the Welcoming Party. In addition, they help to bring to campus exciting professionals from the theater industry to take part in various conversations, masterclasses, and workshops throughout the semester.

Box Office Coordinator

The Box Office Coordinator is in charge of managing the box office for the Dramat. In large part, this position is perfect for someone who loves interacting with our guests, alumni, and students as they enter the theater and purchase their tickets. They are responsible for maintaining and updating the ticketing website, processing comp ticket requests, running the box office for performances, and generating box office reports during financial strike. In addition, the Box Office Coordinator works with the Treasurer on general financial procedures such as processing reimbursement requests and tax receipts for donations and assisting the shop managers in maintaining their budgets. They also help keep the office organized by ordering office supplies, archiving financial documents, and completing software updates.

Costume Shop Manager

The Dramat maintains its own inventory of costumes in 305 Crown Street. In addition to cataloging costumes and helping productions find the perfect piece, the Costume Shop Manager will coordinate costume rentals with the Yale School of Drama inventory. If you love costumes, this is the position for you!

Database / Salesforce Manager

The Database / Salesforce Manager is ideally interested (though not necessarily experienced) with small (10,000+ items) database management and the Salesforce CRM platform. Over the course of the semester, the Database Manager will work with the Secretary to develop a better method of tracking Dramat member’s progress and helping the Executive Board to better visualize patron information, correlating information such as ticket sales and production participation with various other data sets maintained by the Dramat.

Diversity Liaison

The Diversity Liaison will be in charge of all Yale in-reach programs including the Dramat’s work with cultural centers, organizing inter-club activities, and forming diversity training initiatives within the Dramat. The Diversity Liaison will work directly with the Outreach Coordinator.

Electrics / Sound Shop Manager

The Electrics / Sound Shop Manager works to maintain and purchase new additions to the Electrics and Sound inventory. They also coordinate rentals with productions as necessary. Excellent for someone with an eye for organization and electricity (whatever that means).


The Historian works with the President to update the complete history of the Dramat, last compiled by Historian Michael Cadden ’71 and updated by Gerasimos Tsourapas ’04. This is an excellent opportunity to dig deep into the Dramat’s history and archives, as well as excellent practice in historical non-ficition writing.

New Haven Liaison

The New Haven Liaison works with the Outreach Coordinator to maintain and innovate initiatives to strengthen our relationships with the greater New Haven community, with an emphasis on the Dramat’s social responsibility.

Paint Shop Manager

The Paint Shop Manager works to maintain and purchase new additions to the Paint inventory. They also coordinate rentals with productions as necessary. Excellent for someone with an eye for organization. Also isn’t this position great? Who doesn’t like limitless access to paint? You can paint yourself, you can paint others, you can paint…

Scene / Sets Shop Manager

The Scene / Sets Shop Manager works to maintain and purchase new additions to the Scene / Sets inventory. They also coordinate rentals with productions as necessary. Excellent for someone with an eye for organization. Haven’t you always wanted to figure out how to fit seven saws in a three saw drawer? If you think you know the answer to this, then hello, new Scene / Sets Shop Manager.

Special Projects Manager

The Special Project Manager works with each Dramat production to coordinate special engineering and technical projects that our shows might feature. This Manager will then take team needs and develop and execute a plan for developing each Special Project. The Special Project Manager will work with the President and Production Officer throughout the semester. This position is great for any STEM student interested in Project Management. Examples of Special Projects: Laser Cut Puppets in Proud to Present, Hanging 800lbs sign in The Wild Party, Transforming Set in Proud to Present, Digital Clock / Music Synchronization in Merrily We Roll Along, Live Stream Video in Girlish, On-Stage Ice Skating in Orlando.

Website Designer

The Website Designer will manage the Dramat’s website, while making critical updates to both design and technical functioning of the website. This position can be held by someone with no technical coding experience. Someone with an eye for design and creativity would be great in this position.