Position Packets

Assembled below are the Dramat position packets, which details the responsibilities of and provide guidance for most Dramat production roles. Click the  symbol next to any packet to learn more about the role, and click anywhere on the packet to open it in a new tab. If you have difficulty accessing any of these packets, or if there’s a role you’d like information on but don’t see a packet for, please contact marketing@yaledramat.org.

Assistant Producer Sets Packet

The AP Sets is responsible for collaborating with the Technical Director to create a weekly build schedule.

Costume Designer Packet

The Costume Designer is in charge of sourcing and constructing costumes for a show.

Director Packet

The Director is responsible for guiding the creative vision of a production.

Ex Producer Packet

The Producer of an Ex facilitates recruitment, timelines, and budgeting for the Ex. The Producer is the leader of the show’s production staff and coordinates the planning process for the show.

Fly Captain Packet

The Fly Captain flies all rigged scenic elements during every performance of a show.

Head Rigger Packet

The Head Rigger hangs any scenic elements to be flown during a show.

Lighting Designer Packet

The Lighting Designer creates the lighting plot for a production.

Master Electrician Packet

The Master Electrician executes the lighting plot, ensuring that all fixtures are hung properly and safely.

Paint Charge Packet

The Paint Charge is responsible for the execution of any painted elements of a set.

Props Designer Packet

The Props Designer sources and constructs all props to be used in a show.

Scenic Designer Packet

The Scenic Designer is responsible for the design of any physical elements onstage.

Sound Designer Packet

The Sound Designer creates the audio environment for a production by creating a speaker plot and sourcing or creating any audio cues to be used in the show.

Sound Engineer Packet

The Sound Engineer oversees the execution of the speaker plot.

Stage Manager Packet

The Stage Manager oversees all activities that happen during a performance.

Technical Director Packet

The Technical Director constructs and sources the scenic design, ensuring that all scenic elements are structurally sound.