Edith Saturday, 4/2 at 8 PM


This production is open to vaccinated audiences only. Plan to show proof of vaccination and a photo ID at the venue and arrive at least 10 minutes prior to curtain to ensure a smooth check-in. Limit of one ticket per patron. Patrons may only reserve a ticket for themselves.

Patrons under 18 & under may get free tickets at the box office starting an hour before performances.


Edith, an original play by Noah T. Parnes, shows us a family thrown into chaos when a giant pillar of salt–that says she’s Lot’s wife from the Bible??– comes crashing into their living room. While an impending civil war sits pretty on the horizon and two angels attempt to quell the madness, the pillar of salt threatens the very fabric of the play with her impossible presence and, unexpectedly, her call to action. Interrogating the murky borders between obedience and disobedience, Edith asks us how to dismantle the status quo through unconventional storytelling and a fundamentally queer lens, inviting us to turn around and see joy in the carnage.

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Adult, Student, 18 & Under