The Government Inspector – Saturday, 10/8 at 2 PM


Patrons under 18 & under may get free tickets at the box office starting an hour before performances.


The Government Inspector is a harsh and hilarious look at corruption, bureaucracy, and human nature.  This larger-than-life political satire, which reads like a joint psychosis or an uncanny dream of stupidity, follows the mayor and the various corrupt officials of a small Russian town who panic when they hear that an incognito government inspector from Saint Petersburg has arrived. As they desperately devise plans to cover up their incompetence and corruption, news arrives that a mysterious official has been at the local inn for the last two weeks, racking up quite a bill.

The man at the inn, Khlestakov, an absent-minded and foppish con-man, is not in fact the government inspector.  Nonetheless, the mayor and his band of terrified doting officials mistake him for the inspector and bestow him with grand acts of deference.  Before long Khlestakov, realizing the officials’ mistake, begins accruing large “loans” from all around him and flirting absurdly with the mayor’s wife and daughter.  Both high and low are conned by Khlestakov as his deception grows more bold and outrageous - but how long will it last? And where is the real government inspector?

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Adult, Student, 18 & Under