Student Resources

Assembled below are a number of resources which might be useful to prospective and current Dramat members. Click the  symbol next to any resource to learn more about it, and click anywhere on the resource to open it in a new tab. If you have difficulty accessing any of these resources, or if there’s something missing from this page you’d like more information on, please contact Some of these documents are still drafts—if you have feedback on about the documents themselves, contact

For Actors

Auditions & Casting

Monologue Library

A library of monologues from a wide variety of plays, along with information about their contexts, which could be used in auditions for shows, Dramat or otherwise.

Actors: Advocating for Yourself

Recommendations for setting and respecting boundaries in the rehearsal room. Following these guidelines does not replace the need for an intimacy or fight director when one is called for.

Protective Guidelines for Dramat Actors

A protective document outlining the commitment expected of actors on Dramat productions, including upper time limits not to be exceeded.

Dramat Audition Guidelines for Care and Respect

Guidelines for production teams on conducting accessible and equitable auditions. Actors might read to learn what to expect in an audition room.

Dramat Audition Workshop Guidelines

Guidelines for production teams on holding audition workshops, a necessary component of a transparent audition process. Actors might read to learn what to expect in a workshop.

Audition Form Template

A template audition form to be used for all Dramat shows.

Dramat Casting Guidelines

Guidelines for casting Dramat shows, including required components of the audition process and the Dramat’s goal to assemble casts reflective of Yale’s student body.

Position Packets

Throughout the last several years of the Dramat, a number of production team members have helped solidify institutional knowledge of production roles by creating and continuously updating packets with responsibilities and advice unique to Dramat productions and spaces. These packets are collected, and can be accessed, at the Position Packets page.

For Production Teams

Executive Board, Theatre, and You

A document explaining the relationship of each member of the Executive Board to Dramat production teams, outlining their specific responsibilities as they relate to a given show.

Dramat Incident and Crisis Response Procedures

Recommended procedures for production team leadership in response to a variety of different kinds of incidents, including injury, assault, or discrimination.

Dramat Content Warning Guidelines

Guidelines governing the use of content warnings for Dramat shows, including which types of content require warnings, and where those warnings should be included.

Tech Crew Bill of Rights

A document explaining the Dramat’s responsibility to technical production team members, including curfews and limits on work hours.

Dramat Stage Management Best Practices

A supplement to the Dramat Audition Guidelines outlining the best practices recommended by the Dramat for successfully stage managing a show, including respecting actors’ time and working with professionals.

Protective Guidelines for Dramat Stage Managers

A protective document outlining the commitment expected of stage managers on Dramat productions, including upper time limits not to be exceeded.

Sexual Content, Consensual Sexual Touching, and Depicting Sexual Assault Protocol

Protocol, adapted from Yale School of Drama protocol with similar goals, providing definitions of scenes with sexual content and explaining how to safely stage and rehearse those scenes.


Dramat Constitution

The governing document of the Dramat, including explanatory annotations and all amendments.

Path to Executive Board

A document outlining the responsibilities of each member of Executive Board, and explaining recommended qualifications or experiences for those considering running for a given position.

Dramat Plan for an Anti-Racist and Caring Community

The Dramat’s anti-racism plan, written in response to the We See You White American Theatre campaign, which outlines specific commitments by the Dramat to work toward accessibility, diversity, and anti-racism.

BIPOC Play Database

A database, open to members of the Yale community and beyond, to share and locate plays by BIPOC creatives. This database is not curated solely by the Dramat.

Anonymous Feedback Form

The Dramat’s anonymous feedback form, where anyone can provide feedback to the Dramat, ask the Dramat to respond to the feedback, or request a conversation with a member of the Executive Board.