BIPOC Theatremakers Series

What is this program? The BIPOC Theatremakers Series is an open call to theatre-related work generated by the BIPOC community and financially and administratively supported by the Dramat. The work is done on your own terms with the Dramat acting as a facilitator and responding to the specific, requested needs of the artist(s).  

Who is able to participate? Any member of the Yale community who identifies as BIPOC, regardless of enrollment.  

What kind of projects does this series support? Any form of theatre that can be showcased on an online platform. Are you working on your first or latest play? Fantastic, let’s do an online reading! Are you working on an devised piece you want to test on an online platform? Amazing, let’s find you the best performance platform! You want to present a TikTok performance series? We’re here to support you! 

Is there an application process? No! If you want the Dramat’s funding and administrative resources,  we will support you. We want to serve as facilitators, not evaluators.  

Is there a timeline for this program? The Dramat is hoping to showcase at least one piece of work a month for the Fall semester, but even this is flexible. We want you to use the time you need to workshop your piece. We will have sample production timelines based on the project, but ultimately our time, money, and resources are yours to use. 

How much money will be awarded to each project? Each project will receive $500 to be used at the artist(s) discretion with an additional $250 awarded if the project culminates in a public showing. The Dramat is happy to provide resources on production budgeting if you have questions about the best ways to budget your project.    

What is the purpose of this program? To empower members of our BIPOC community to voice their stories through theatre on their own terms.  

Interested? Email