Our Board

The Yale University Dramatic Association is run by a ten member undergraduate Executive Board which oversees the daily operations of the Dramat. This includes curating a season of 7 shows and choosing or hiring directors for its productions. The Dramat’s membership includes around 100 Yale undergraduates as well as many honorary and lifetime members.

Mikaela Boone (President; president@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a junior in Silliman college and a double major in Theater and Performance Studies and Cognitive Science. Mikaela served on the Dramat’s Executive Board as the Fall Mainstage Producer of Sweeney Todd and loved the experience so much that she decided to do another term! In addition to serving as president, she is currently working as the director of Remembering: Stories of Women at Yale, the official undergraduate celebration of 50Y150. When she is not at the Dramat, Mikaela can be found playing IM Sports (her favorites are soccer and inner tube water polo). She is very excited to continue working with Board this coming year and hopes to continue to foster a more fun, diverse, and inclusive Dramat.

The President is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Board and ensuring the effective functioning of all departments within the Association. She represents the Association in any negotiations with Yale University and runs all meetings of the Executive Board and of the Producing Membership. 

Alejandro Campillo (Vice President; vp@yaledramat.org; they/them/theirs) is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College double majoring Theater Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. Past theater credits include Into the Woods (Jack), Fucking A (Hester Smith), In the Heights (Usnavi), and Sweeney Todd (Beggar Woman). In addition to acting, Alejandro is heavily involved at the La Casa Cultural Center as a Student Coordinator, and is passionate about Latinx representation in theater and media at large.

The Vice President assists the President and conducts meetings in the absence of the President. They take responsibility for all Association correspondence, including that with the alumni, as well as being in charge of fundraising. 

Kelly Speltz (Treasurer; treasurer@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a junior Computer Science major in Silliman College. She is one of about seven people at Yale from Nebraska, but last year she moved to New Hampshire. As a result, her identity is now very much in flux. In addition to serving on Board, Kelly often does props design for various theatre productions on campus. However, the majority of her time is spent at CS office hours working on her psets. In her free time, Kelly loves going to TD Heav with her suitemates or scoping out new study spots with them. Her single greatest belief is that Froyo World is superior to Arethusa and Ashley’s.

The Treasurer is in charge of the Dramat’s finances. She runs financial strikes, writes and deposits checks, and does the Dramat’s taxes. She also creates yearly financial reports to track the Dramat’s costs and expenditures. 

Jose Davila IV (Secretary; secretary@yaledramat.org; he/him/his) is a sophomore in Morse College. He is a Global Affairs major. He hails from Mill Valley, CA but he’s also lived in Central New Jersey, Tokyo, and London. Jose always wanted to be a weird theater kid, but he was never actually involved in a production. Now he’s quickly learning about everything from the best tea for a musical (Jojo’s) to how to properly position a boom (Thanks, Kerry Cripe). He was formerly the associate production officer. He is also a reporter for the Yale Daily News and knows how to use Mailchimp.  

The Secretary takes minutes at all Board meetings. He is also responsible for the administration of all e-mail and membership lists, as well as for compiling and sending out the weekly Dramat Bulletin. The Secretary is also responsible for many of the daily operations of the Dramat, including coordinating elections.

Adam Wassilchalk (Production Officer; prod@yaledramat.org; he/him/his) uses memes to cope.

The Production Officer is responsible for communication between the Dramat and the School of Drama and is also the primary liaison to the Technical Advisor. He is in charge of ensuring that all show activities are carried out safely and efficiently, and that all Drama School facilities and equipment are treated with the utmost care. He is in charge during load-ins and strikes of all Dramat shows. 

Will Wegner (Marketing Director; marketing@yaledramat.org; he/him/his) is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College from Wisconsin. He’s double majoring in Theater and Performance Studies and Linguistics, and has been accordingly nicknamed “Henry Higgins” by a few of his friends. In addition to responsibilities on Board, he writes lyrics, designs lights and projections, and improvises with Just Add Water, Yale’s premier musical comedy improv group. 

The Marketing Director works with graphic designers to create posters, programs, and a signboard to advertise each Dramat show. He is also responsible for securing advertising contracts for programs. He coordinates with Yale and local media for advertising and reviews of Dramat shows.

Danielle de Haerne (Special Events Coordinator; specev@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College majoring in Psychology. She is from Phoenix, Arizona and went to high school in the sleepy coastal town of Saint Marys, Georgia. The Dramat is a continuation of her long-time involvement in theater production going back to her first year of high school. She has performed work as a director, stage manager, sound engineer, sound designer, costume designer, and performer. Many of her favorite memories happened in theaters. Danielle also manages Murray’s buttery, hosts events and college teas with her Head of College, and is an administrative assistant at the Yale University Chaplain’s Office.

The Special Events Coordinator organizes all of the extra events for the membership, such as the birthday party, membership dinner, and DRAMATalks. 

Arnold Setiadi (Outreach Coordinator; outreach@yaledramat.org; he/him/his) is a Sophomore in Pierson College double majoring in Political Science and Theater Studies. He was born in Norwalk, CT but was raised in both Bridgeport, CT and Indonesia. Within the world of theater, you may see him acting in various different productions at Yale; however, he has been branching out and learning about all of the other wonderful aspects of theater. Outside of theater, Arnold is involved with many campus activities such as: working at Payne Whitney Gym and the Pierson Buttery, chairing for YMUN, etc. He loves making new friends and making people smile.

The Outreach Coordinator facilitates the Dramat’s outreach efforts both within and without the Yale community, including its collaboration with Pathways to the Arts and Humanities.


Simon Rabinowitz (Fall Mainstage Producer & Company Manager; ms1@yaledramat.org;  he/him/his) is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (but also he lives in Seattle sometimes?). He hopes to double major in Theater Studies and Economics, a made-up dual degree called: “Showbiz.” You may see him performing with Just Add Water, Yale’s premier musical comedy improv group of which he is the business manager. Within the world of theater, you can find him producing, head rigging, or just making stuff happen. Outside the world of theater, you can find him doing homework in the stacks (6M), eating take-out (thanks Ivy Wok and Teriyaki Yamasaki), or sleeping anywhere he can. He loves efficiency, efficacy, and effervescence.

The Fall Mainstage Producer produces the biggest show of the fall semester. His responsibilities include (in collaboration with the rest of the Executive Board) selecting the show and hiring the professionals. He lines up the student staff and crew, organizes auditions, creates the budget, runs production meetings, and coordinates with the fire and safety inspectors. Ultimately, he makes sure that the show goes up on time, within the budget, and in the best form possible. As Company Manager, he assists the organization is managing personnel.

Bibiana Torres (Spring Mainstage Producer; ms2@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Grace Hopper College double majoring in Sociology and Theater Studies. She is from San Juan, Puerto Rico and went to high school in Chicago. She has always been a theater kid and has worked as a director, stage manager, performer, and voiceover artist. When she’s not making spreadsheets and sending emails for the Dramat, she can be found working as a Communication and Consent Educator, managing the Hopper Cabaret, having dinner at La Casa with Despierta Boricua (Puerto Rican Students Association), or procrastinating on the Hopper hammocks. She is fueled by a commitment to Latinx storytelling, and espresso. 

The Spring Mainstage Producer’s duties are essentially the same as those of the Fall Mainstage Producer. However, the Spring Mainstage is generally a straight play, and exceptional students are given the opportunity to design alongside the professional director and designers.