Our Board

The Yale University Dramatic Association is run by a ten member undergraduate Executive Board which oversees the daily operations of the Dramat. This includes curating a season of 7 shows and choosing or hiring directors for its productions. The Dramat’s membership includes around 100 Yale undergraduates as well as many honorary and lifetime members.

Joseph Bosco (President; he/him/his) is a junior in Berkeley College from Clinton, Connecticut (which is supposed to be 26 minutes away, but his record is 17). He used to be a computer science major but then realized the importance of self-care and is now an economics major. He may have emailed you as the Fall Mainstage Producer last year or as the Secretary the year before that. He promises he does more than sit around and send emails all day. He also loves reading, running, sewing, and sailing! Joseph is a firm believer that there’s nothing more satisfying than a nicely formatted spreadsheet. He takes back his promise about doing more than just sending emails all day. Honesty is important.

Katie Toland (Vice President; she/her/hers) hails from the majestic mountains of Science Hill as a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College. Originally from northwest Montana, Katie is used to the travel times invovled with living so far away from the UT. At Yale, she briefly dabbled in the Theater Studies major, but has since decided to study History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. Chances are you know her as a stage manager on one of the many projects she is working on.  When not sending carefully crafted emails or analyzing 12 GCals at a time, she can be found eating Ramen while watching “Parks and Recreation.” As VP, she solemnly swears to promote better self-care amongst all members of the Dramat – mostly in the form of naps. 

Treasurer: Vignesh Namasivayam ’20


Epongue Ekille (Secretary; she/her/hers) is a sophomore Environmental Studies major in Davenport College. She is primarily a violinist and is part of the Yale Symphony Orchestra. She has won numerous prizes for her playing and has participated in many music festivals, including the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America in the summer of 2018. She was recently appointed a Global Sustainability Scholar. In theatre, Epongue has played in over 10 shows including Les Misérables, Next to Normal, and Into the Woods. Since joining the Executive Board in the fall of 2018, she has seen what it really takes to run an organization as influential as the Dramat. Epongue is so thankful to have learned how to do light-related things during her time in the Dramat!

Winston Venderbush (Production Officer; he/him/his) is a sophomore in Trumbull College majoring in computer science. As the Dramat’s Production Officer, he’s coalesced so much so much raw theater knowledge that he has actually begun to transcend the physical plane. His newfound powers include everything from controlling the fire curtain in the UT to moving the clouds in the sky with his very breath. When he’s not putting out fires in the green room, you can find him serenading the gods with the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus.

Tully Goldrick (Special Events Coordinator; he/him/his) is a sophomore in Davenport, who is currently double majoring in Neuroscience and Theatre Studies. Before joining the Executive Board he worked primarily worked in the realm of lights, including being the Master Electrician for the Dramat 2018 Fall Mainstage, Spring Awakening. He thought it would be a good application of his knowledge of making the stage lit for him to begin making Dramat parties lit as the Special Events Coordinator. Just as he started from scratch with lighting, he is doing the same for party planning, learning a lot on the way (including the knowledge that different kinds of cheeses are sold in different parts of the store depending on the type). When not doing Dramat-related things, Tully is found lighting the world in a different way by doing improv with his troupe Lux Improvitas.

Marketing Director: Alexa Stanger ’21


Noelle Mercer (Outreach Coordinator; she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Jonathan Edward’s College from Philadelphia. As a Theater Studies major, Noelle plans to pursue a career in theater arts and acting after college. When not building sets in the shop for the main stages, she can be found singing with her acapella group, Shades of Yale. Or doing face masks with her crazy suitemates. Or on the phone with her mom. It’s probably the last one. 

Mikaela Boone (Fall Mainstage Producer/ she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Silliman college and is therefore required by law to point out that Silliman is irrefutably the best residential college. She has directed two shows on campus, Creature and Psychopsychotic, and her primary interest lies in creating new, exciting feminist theatre. When she is not at the Dramat, Mikaela can be found playing IM Sports (her favorites are soccer and inner tube water polo). She is very excited to be working on Board for this coming year and hopes to foster a more fun, diverse, and inclusive Dramat.

Nick Tabio (Spring Mainstage Producer; he/him/his) is a sophomore in Pierson College from Yonkers, New York. He used to be a prospective EP&E major, but was faced with enough eye rolls that he became a Political Science and English double major. Nick is also a staff reporter for the Yale Daily News, where he specializes in asking people uncomfortable questions about their jobs. You may also see him writing ~saucy~ humour pieces in the Yale Daily News’s WKND section. He loves reading, creative writing, ice hockey, long walks from his couch to his bed, making out with a spoon full of ice cream, and, of course, theater (most of the time).