Our Board

The Yale University Dramatic Association is run by an eleven member undergraduate Executive Board which oversees the daily operations of the Dramat. This includes curating a season of 6 shows and choosing or hiring directors for its productions. The Dramat’s membership includes around 100 Yale undergraduates as well as many honorary and lifetime members.

Bibiana Torres (President; president@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a junior in Hopper College double majoring in Sociology and Theater Studies. She’s calls both Puerto Rico and Chicago home. In the theater world, she has directed, produced, stage managed, and (occasionally) acted. Outside of the Dramat, you can find her working with the Communication and Consent Educators (CCEs) program, doing some research on reproductive rights, or procrastinating in the Hopper Buttery. She runs on a dedication to inclusive storytelling, and espresso.

The President is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Board and ensuring the effective functioning of all departments within the Association. She represents the Association in any negotiations with Yale University and runs all meetings of the Executive Board and of the Producing Membership. 

Malia Munley (Vice President; vp@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Silliman College. She hopes to major in Theater and Performance Studies (and something else?) and is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, so she definitely misses the tropical weather during New Haven winters and finds many mainland traditions very strange. You may see her dancing with Taps at Yale and performing in shows around campus. Malia also has experience in directing and voiceover work. She is passionate about increasing Asian American representation in theater and, of course, cute animal videos and caffeine.

The Vice President assists the President and conducts meetings in the absence of the President. She takes responsibility for all Association correspondence, including that with the alumni, as well as being in charge of fundraising. 

Simon Rabinowitz (Treasurer; treasurer@yaledramat.org; he/him/his) is a junior in Pauli Murray College from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (but also he lives in Seattle sometimes?). He hopes to double major in Theater Studies and Economics, a made-up dual degree called: “Showbiz.” You may see him performing with Just Add Water, Yale’s premier musical comedy improv group of which he is the business manager. Within the world of theater, you can find him producing, head rigging, or just making stuff happen. Outside the world of theater, you can find him doing homework in the stacks (6M), eating take-out (thanks Ivy Wok and Teriyaki Yamasaki), or sleeping anywhere he can. He loves efficiency, efficacy, and effervescence.

The Treasurer is in charge of the Dramat’s finances. He runs financial strikes, writes and deposits checks, and does the Dramat’s taxes. He also creates yearly financial reports to track the Dramat’s costs and expenditures. 

Bradley Nowacek (Secretary; secretary@yaledramat.org; he/him/his) is a junior in Morse double majoring in Theatre Studies and EP&E (probably). He is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, though please don’t ask him about cheese. He spends most of his time being a deeply chaotic actor, but has also worked as a producer, assistant director, and musician. When not preoccupied with any of those things, he has been known to work with the Yale Dems and waste time watching late night comedy on YouTube. Warnings: will do a variety of ridiculous voices, whether requested to or not; when onstage, do not allow this man near fruit.

The Secretary takes minutes at all Board meetings. He is also responsible for the administration of all email and membership lists, as well as for compiling and sending out the weekly Dramat Bulletin. The Secretary is also responsible for many of the daily operations of the Dramat, including coordinating elections.


Casey Tonnies (Production Officer; prod@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a sophomore (23′ +1) in Morse College majoring in Chemical Engineering. She is from Louisiana and did technical theater throughout high school but quickly found herself doing theater in college too. Her main focus at Yale has been as a lighting designer and master electrician, but she’s no stranger to cut calls for Dramat sets crews. At any given time she is probably working in a theater, working on psets, or…. wait those are probably the only two options (re: being a STEM major). Above all though, she is excited to help productions go up safely and to welcome new and returning Dramat theatremakers.

The Production Officer is responsible for communication between the Dramat and the School of Drama and is also the primary liaison to the Technical Advisor. She is in charge of ensuring that all show activities are carried out safely and efficiently, and that all Drama School facilities and equipment are treated with the utmost care. She is in charge during load-ins and strikes of all Dramat shows.

Lily Pérez (Marketing Director; marketing@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Branford College from Washington, DC planning on double majoring in Theater and Performance Studies and Political Science. She enjoyed producing and dramaturg-ing from her room during 2020 so much that she’s giving in-person theater a chance! Outside of the Dramat, she loves planning road trips, playing softball, and puzzles.

The Marketing Director works with graphic designers to create posters, programs, and a signboard to advertise each Dramat show. She is also responsible for securing advertising contracts for programs. She coordinates with Yale and local media for advertising and reviews of Dramat shows.

Abbie Thomas (Policy Director; policy@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers)is a sophomore in Silliman College (potentially) double majoring in Theater and Performance Studies and Comparative Literature. She has been acting (and reading about acting) as long as she can remember, but only became interested in the managerial side of theater at Yale. Outside of Dramat, she can be found reading on the Silliman swing (likely with a chaider) or desperately trying to keep her dorm plants alive

The Policy Director acts as point person to ensure that the Board is following through on the Dramat’s goals of being as inclusive, accessible, and equitable as possible. She also collaborates with the Outreach director on accessibility efforts and works with President to integrate her work into the overall agenda and goals of the Executive Board for the semester. 

Kali Jupiter (Outreach Coordinator; outreach@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Berkeley college from New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s loved performing for as long as she can remember, but this is her first time exploring the administrative side of theatre. Aside from connecting the Dramat with members of the Yale and New Haven communities, Kali can be found working with the Yale Underground Prison Project, spending hours on CS psets, or making TikToks with the Yale Dining Hall staff. She believes naps are the key to achievement.

The Outreach Coordinator facilitates the Dramat’s outreach efforts both within and without the Yale community, including its collaboration with Pathways to the Arts and Humanities.


Ava King (Fall Mainstage Producer & Company Manager; ms1@yaledramat.org; she/her/hers) is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College planning to double major in Film and Media Studies and Economics. Ava is from Big Sky, Montana, which means she spends a lot of time explaining to people that no, she didn’t ride horses to school. When she’s not producing theater or buried in the stacks, you’ll find Ava meticulously updating her Letterboxd and forcing her friends to watch movies they never wanted to see in the first place. 

The Fall Mainstage Producer produces the biggest show of the fall semester. Her responsibilities include (in collaboration with the rest of the Executive Board) selecting the show and hiring the professionals. She lines up the student staff and crew, organizes auditions, creates the budget, runs production meetings, and coordinates with the fire and safety inspectors. Ultimately, she makes sure that the show goes up on time, within the budget, and in the best form possible. As Company Manager, she assists the organization in managing personnel.

Peter Li (Spring Mainstage Producer, ms2@yaledramat.org; he/him/his) is an incoming sophomore in Pierson College double majoring in Computing and the Arts & Applied Mathematics. He came to the US when he was five and has lived in Maryland since. Before Yale, Peter had always wanted to explore theater, but never had the opportunity, so he took up as many roles as he could during his freshman year: acting, directing, and working on the Associate Board as a Web Designer. Outside of the Dramat, he loves painting, filmmaking, and going city hopping with his best friends. He is committed to exploring the intersection of STEM and the arts and tries to implement that synergy in all of his work.

The Spring Mainstage Producer’s duties are essentially the same as those of the Fall Mainstage Producer. However, the Spring Mainstage is generally a straight play, and exceptional students are given the opportunity to design alongside the professional director and designers.